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Styling Librarian Hong Kong Update Year 2 Week 19 Noodles and Technology

December 8, 2013
Student library aide application, a favorite.
Ready for camp!

Ready for camp!

Throughout the week, I’ve meant several times to sit down and write this post… there’s been many library activities I thought would be fun to share and I’ve had a few book insights as well. Now… feeling quiet. This week included our son heading for two night, three day camp in Cheung Chau. I went to the same camp last year as a teacher so I knew he would enjoy it! I was correct. A slightly sun burned, leg bruised, and happy as a lark about the experience. Catching up on sleep was key but overall I’m so grateful he can have these experiences.

Peking Gardens

Peking Gardens

One adventure this week: Going to a restaurant, Peking Garden, with a group including one person who ordered delicious treats. It was pretty exciting to be able to actually eat one delicious treat after another one. Towards the end of the meal there was a little noodle making performance which was entertaining. I chatted with someone later about this and found out that it is mostly for the tourists versus a natural part of the meal process. I did enjoy every bit of the meal and additionally the company, conversation, and friends we visited with as well.

Student library aide application, a favorite.

Student library aide application, a favorite.

Keeping promises: I began accepting Year 5 student library helper applications. I officially hire new student helpers in January. I always am entertained and amused by student’s notes they write to me about why they want to be a library helper and additionally I love reading their thoughts on a notable book they’ve read recently. This year was no different, I really enjoyed one note from a student who illustrated his thoughts on a favorite book, first time I received an application like this. Decided to take a picture.

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I decided the initial week back at school to go ahead with digital citizenship instruction and sprinkle in book connections to PYP units of inquiry where they fit. Before I began the instruction, I had special conversations sharing Trudy Ludwig’s book The Invisible Boy with numerous classes. My year six students were working on a unit of inquiry about healthy choices and I shared My Secret Bully and Confessions of a Former Bully, both by Trudy Ludwig, with a few of the classes. We discussed how mental health is just as important as physical health. We additionally discussed strategies to deal with bullies and how bullying impacts both the bully and person being bullied.

Then I led conversations with students about what their tips would be for others in regards to internet safety. I was inspired by Shannon Miller’s posts about digital citizenship recently and explored numerous resources I’ve collected. Decided to start with the basics with some classes and with others, move forward with new advanced discussions. I collected all the resources I like on the Bradbury Library’s Only2Clicks site under an Internet Safety link. Then I set up student accounts on Digital Passport for my Year 4-6 students. Hoping to share how to login and get students through the first round of instruction soon with Digital Passport. I tried using the program with one class with not-so-terrific results, two reflections on that are: 1. I didn’t have the laptops in advance so missed the opportunity to set them up. They’re set up now but it is difficult to switch back to sharing laptops after having library iPads to use. Too bad the program doesn’t work on iPads. I did download the app but that was just on my personal iPad.  2. I must remember to specifically point out the use of Chrome vs. Safari, otherwise my school laptops are hit-and-miss with applications properly installed. There are worthy videos and fun games that introduce, practice, and reinforce internet safety ideas. I especially appreciated the additional internet searching instruction. Here’s the resources I shared with students and teachers:
With Year 1-3 students we began discussions with this video: Internet Safety:

Then with year two students we’re going to play: Privacy Playground
Year three students played the next stage of this with me: Cybersense and Nonsense
Year four students also are going to enjoy Cybersense and Nonsense and then move on to Digital Passport which I’m also going to use with Year 5 and 6.
I look forward to providing stronger support with teacher teams soon in connection with units of inquiry. This will be good to transition back to… but I also find developing digital citizenship quite important in addition to being a good stepping stone to further instruction on research.

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  1. LOVE many things about this wonderful post, especially: 1. Declan, looking so grown up! . 2. You, looking so healthy and beautiful! 3. Yummy food, looking oh, so yummy! 4. Student application, looking so creative! That’s a winner, for sure! What a happy post!!!

    • Thank you so much! :) Declan is growing… especially in last 4 months, stretching here and there and still happy! :) Thanks, feeling healthier. DELICIOUS FOOD- felt so lucky to be able to eat everything, first time no pork! Hopefully more happy reflections in the future… Happy week to you Lenore!

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