The Styling Librarian will be all you need to become a ‘HIGH END’ gambler.  There is a certain style required and even a certain dress code involved.

There are different types of gambling venues; some very sophisticated Casinos, and other just roadside rooms.  And then, even some back yard casual gambling rooms.  Thinking about this, you will have to decide who you want to associate with, and where you want to do your gambling.  Then you find out what you need to do, to fit in to that environment.

The Styling Librarian will help you enter the ‘High End’ Private Gaming rooms.  We will help you choose THè Casinos with Discreet and Unique surroundings.  You will experience Splendour and Opulence, fit for a king.

When entering these ‘HIGH END’ gaming venues; you will experience high standards of service and gaming etiquette.  The comfort of their guests is of the utmost importance.  Slot machines with partitioning for privacy might be included in the Private Gaming Rooms.

Secure, private access is gained via An Exclusive Elevator; which only serves the Club Floor and private suites.  Entry is strictly controlled.

Outstanding meals from 5 star Restaurants are served at these venues.  Each Gaming Room may feature an additional lounge area with large television screens.

You have to choose your gambling venue well and dress according to the venue’s specifications.

The Exclusive Guide on how to dress appropriately for the Gaming Tables

Many, not all, Casinos and Gambling venues have a certain dress code.  You are expected to honour the Casinos dress code and out of respect for the other gamblers.  It might be expected to wear certain items of clothing, especially at the ‘HIGH END’ casinos.