1. White tie: This is the most formal style of dress. Also called Full Evening Dress. Women wear a full-length evening gown with all the trimmings she might want. Men’s attire are more complicated. Expected are:

– A black dress coat with matching trousers. Trousers might require satin stripes on Pant leg.
– A white shirt with wing collars and stiff front, shirt stud and cuff links.
– A white vest and bow tie.
– White or gray gloves
– Black patent leather shoes with black dress socks.

2. Black tie: Another style of formal dress. Still very formal and only worn after 6pm. Again woman’s’ attire is much easier than the men. Only real requirement for women is that they wear Evening shoes.

Men’s attire:

– A white dress shirt
– A black bow tie
– An evening waistcoat or a cumber band
– A dinner jacket of black or midnight blue
– Black patent leather dress shoes

3. Black tie optional: This means you can wear a tuxedo if you want. Otherwise, just dress formally. Only requirement for women is that their dress hemline should not be too short

Men can wear:

– A dark suit
– A white dress shirt
– A conservative tie
– Leather dress shoes and dark dress socks
– The idea is to still blend in.

4. Semi formal: For woman this is the ‘Little Black Dress’ call. Men wear a dark Business suit with matching vest, Conservative colours and leather dress shoes.

5. Business formal: Work clothes.

6. Business casual: This means no need for stockings or hose for women and no ties for men.

7. Casual: Still clean and neat looking clothing with no distasteful logos or pictures.

Dress comfortably if no dress code is required. Dress up after 6pm. When you are a big shot gambler they might not mind what you are wearing; but until then, adhere to the dress code of the Casino you visit.