Let’s get SHARP with a little bit of Gambling Terminology

1. SHARP: Wise Guy
2. TRIPLE SHARP: The sharpest of the sharp
3. SQUARE: Unsophisticated Gambler
4. PUPPY: Underdog
5. DEGENERATE: Compulsive Gambler
6. SHORTSTOP: A small Bettor
7. PLAYER: Bettor, Gambler
8. HANDICAPPER: One who studies sports and predict outcomes
9. SCALPER: One who attempts to profit from the difference in odds from book to book by betting both sides of the same game at different prices
10. CHALK EATER: Favourite Bettor

More Gambling Terminology

1. Action: A bet
2. Get Down: Make a bet
3. Scratch: Withdraw or cancel
4. Earn: Practical hold percentage
5. Edge: Advantage
6. Take a Price: Bet the Underdog, take the points
7. Sucker Bet: Bet with a large house edge
8. Straight Bet: Bet on only one
9. Handle: Total amount of bets taken
10. Rundown: Line update
11. Deal: A card is dealt to each player
12. Dealer: A representative of the casino that deals out the cards
13. Deck: Standard 52 cards in pack
14. Draw: A player takes an additional card
15. Hand: The set of cards each player was dealt for that round of play

Even more Gambling Terminology

1. OVERLAY: When the odds on proposition are in favour or Bettor, and not the house
2. UNDERLAY: When the odds on proposition are in favour of the house
3. TOSS UP: Game where the line is close to Pick-em
4. SCORE: Win a lot of money
5. GROSS WIN: Winnings before expenses
6. PUSH: Tie
7. FIRING: Betting a lot, wavering large sums of money
8. PRESSING: Betting larger amounts than usual
9. TAPPED OUT: Broke, busted, a common result of pressing
10. BAD BEAT: Tough Loss
11. BEEF: Dispute

Always remember to only bet what you can afford to lose.