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The Styling Librarian: I march (read) to the beat (pace) of my own drum (book)d

 I march (read) to the beat (pace) of my own drum (book).

I love when I don’t feel pressured to read. For some reason, that is my most productive reading time. Also, I’m quite productive when I have books I’m really excited about, then I just eat them up.
I celebrate the days that I don’t have a list of committed reading titles. I’ve had committed reading lists quite often in the past six years… Or more. Chairing a statewide reading program that selects books for children grades 3-12 certainly lends me to knowing about terrific titles and anxiety over having the time to read them all. Also, having favorite authors, series, blogs, and ARCs, advanced reading copies, to read also loads it on. The other day I took a picture of part of my TBR, to be read, book pile for an online book group called The Nerdy Book Club. I stepped back and reflected on this weighty pile of treasures and asked myself, “what do I want to read but have put off out of guilt of keeping up with the ‘newly released’ books?” A few titles came to mind: Forge by Laurie Halse Anderson and Reckless by Cornelia Funke. Those two books are now my first priority. I’ve put off reading them for over a year… Or two. Clearing out the guilt and enjoying treasures, that’s my goal. Rescuing those treasures that have languished on my bookshelves for long enough is my new focus with reading. It helps to be “between” book clubs presently.

I must admit, I haven’t been disappointed by any book selection lately. That’s quite a special thing. Some books won’t let go, from Wonder to One and Only Ivan to The Fault in Our Stars, to other treasures, there are characters still lingering alive in my memory. It isn’t a bad affliction to have, book friends flitting through my thoughts…

A note about Forge which is the sequel to Chains:

Chains was one of my favorite books last year. It was poignant, Isabel- main character- stuck with me for ages and I kept wondering what she was going to do next. I picked up Forge over a year ago with every intention of reading it immediately so that I could get answers to my questions… now, dream and answer fulfillment!

2 comments on “The Styling Librarian: I march (read) to the beat (pace) of my own drum (book)d

  1. David E.
    February 10, 2012

    Do you live in the Northeast? Anderson is going to be at a book festival in Rochester NY…

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