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Styling Librarian: Amazing Sharing from Authors

Oh, what amazing, generous resources authors share with the public! Here’s my initial post about those authors whom I appreciate… what they share in addition to their wonderful books. It was very difficult to limit myself to three authors in this first post, there are SO MANY authors I admire and appreciate! Plus, thought I’d share two other wonderful resources authors are connected with: Share Our Books and Skype an Author.

 Lisa Yee
I think Lisa Yee is brilliant. I enjoy every book I’ve read by her, persuaded teachers to read aloud one of her newest books – Warp Speed and constantly have students enjoying her titles. In addition, I haven’t laughed harder at another author’s sharing. Whether it be her inspiring video on how she writes books to the glimpse into how she keeps track of her notes, I’m always inspired, and chuckling. I suggest you watch the video and scroll down on the following webpage, be prepared to chuckle, laugh, and be astounded:

David Lubar
I was introduced to David Lubar’s books through a quick, fun read called: Punished! Then, my students started begging me to buy this other book series about weenies… I chuckled (and got a little creeped out- I’m a wimp w/horror, even mild horror) at my first read through of In the Land of the Lawn Weenies.  On David Lubar’s webpage there is a topical and literary index is quite thorough and useful.
Perfect for teachers to use with reluctant readers. Additionally, since the books are packed with short stories, they’re perfect for identifying a terrific read aloud! From the webpage: “Yes, there are anthropomorphic hot dogs on the covers, but they conceal a broad and deep variety of short fiction. Scroll down to find the perfect story for any classroom need.”

Nina Laden
I adore Nina Laden’s work. Seriously. I raised my son on her books for young children from Peek-A-Who? to Button Nose… Then I moved on to my FAVORITE book by her: The Night I Followed the Dog  and numerous other brilliant books. Naturally, Nina Laden has visited two of the libraries I’ve worked at and students still constantly check out her books.
Nina Laden’s personal blog is always inspiring, insightful, and reflective. I loved this recent post:  What a wonderful way to share yourself with your public. Plus I highly recommend “friending” Nina on Facebook for another fascinating glimpse into a wonderful, creative life.


What do some authors do in their spare time? Well, some create more ways to share books with their readers and donate their time…

Share our Books:

I admire the celebration of books and gift that Barbara O’Connor, Sara Pennypacker, Kate diCamillo and other fabulous authors provide through Share our Books. Highly recommended for schools:

Quote from webpage: “How it Works: At Share Our Books you’ll find a list of author-donated books suitable for elementary school community reads, which are available free of charge for periods of six weeks. In addition to the books, each participating author provides a welcoming introductory video and a list of trivia questions. When the books arrive, the school distributes them and implements the read. All we ask is that when the read comes to an end, the books be repackaged and shipped to the next community.”

Skype An Author- what a resource!
Skype and author network, what a resource for finding authors willing to Skype, very cool. You never know how an author might touch your students’ lives, I think Skype is an outlet numerous authors are leaning towards for author visits of the future. Additionally, after hearing from some authors whose health and writing time is impacted by constant travelling, this is quite the alternative.

Oh boy, I already have 5 more authors to feature on the next post… or maybe 10. Shall see!

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