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In my opinion, books are the best accessory.

Styling Librarian: Poetry Resources Fun Part 3:

I love celebrating poetry month, I do share poetry all year with my students, of course, but they always enjoy poetry month. This week and next my assistant and I are slipping in “Poetry Gifts” into a book for each student who checks out a book. One more fun way to have fun with poetry. They’re just small copies of poems from Poem in Pocket week plus other random copies of poetry. Last week we did a whole week of “Poem in Pocket” challenge with every school staff member carrying around free book tickets and listening to poems children share. What fun! We actually have the book exchange ready with books for students to select from and additionally have a special family fun evening at my school which includes a MAJOR book exchange.

Next week is the Book Fair Luau week- my amazing students’ parents created a wonderful welcome to the library (not to do with poetry, but must share!)

Spine Poetry Movie Creation:

This first week, I’ve introduced Poetry Emergency 811 and having fun reading aloud poems from: Pocket Poems by Bobbi Katz: and Forgive Me, I Meant to Do It False Apology Poems by Gail Carson Levine.

Experiencing Poetry Emergency 811 Celebration, I talked with my students about fun poetry stations they’d like to explore. We enjoyed stations (with many ideas from my past post: I managed this rotation with my emergency alarm to go along with Poetry Emergency- have students rotate through stations during two library class sessions after we discuss details of each station:

Spine Poetry: I started working with students on this idea last year, looking forward to handing the camera over to them and then reviewing their creations later. I’ll be showing this blog page first: I love this 2012 Book Spine Poem Gallery, organized by amazing Travis Jonker of 100ScopeNotes:

Spine Poetry Frenzy!  I did post the video of spine poems above, here are some favorites (it was hard to pick) from the mix:

What blogs inspire me daily?

Poetry at play features wonderful poetry books each day for this month:

Poetry for Children has featured an amazing interview with a wonderful poet almost daily:

Also, some fun other resources that have inspired me with poetry celebrations:

Poem in Pocket Resource:

Poetry Descriptive lesson idea:” In first grade we are learning about poetry by playing the paper bag game. I don’t tell the students what we are going to be studying for the next few library lessons. Instead I  introduce poetry with a game – The Bulldog Paperbag Game!”

Fun poems about books:

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