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Styling Librarian: Rereading Fun: 2/28/12

My last entry celebrating rereading books! I’ve been busy with a variety of other things and honestly didn’t have the opportunity to make time to reread vs. read new books. I enjoyed this challenge and it changed my perspective on the value of rereading novels. In the past I always just told myself “no, not enough time” when I thought “I’d love to just reread this book right now”… Now, shall look into audiobook format or just pick up the book again if I feel that urge! This is my conclusion for the challenge: Jen Vincent @ TeachMentorTexts: 

Freddie Ramos Zooms to the Rescue by Jacqueline Jules: I highly recommend reading this series aloud with classes! Most successful read aloud age- 2nd-3rd grade. Other students would enjoy this quick read series with Freddie Ramos who is a happy runner with magical shoes. He aspires to be a hero and use his power to help others. This book brought in a natural disaster which could have had dire consequences without Freddie’s help!

Two picture books, both about friendships,  I really enjoyed rereading this week:

The Legend of Cowboy, Ninja, Bear by David Bruins – I love sharing this book with my Kindergarten classes. Having them practice the actions at the beginning of the story, find all the connections of friendship throughout, then to play the ninja-cowboy-bear game are all quite engaging and additionally F-U-N!

Boy + Bot by Ame Dyckman – I can’t get enough of this friendship book! Two friends don’t need to be exactly alike! I think I’ll be doing more rereading of this book many times before the end of the school year.


My progress- now complete- 6 Novels (including an early chapter book), 10 picture books, 5 blog posts… (Rereading Rockstar status!) Enjoyed the challenge quite a bit!

Books I plan to reread even though the challenge is complete: Wonder by R.J. Palacio (my favorite book that I’ve told numerous friends would be THE book I’d want on a desert island if I could choose one), The One and Only Ivan by Katherine Applegate (the other book if I could actually bring two books to that deserted island) and Origami Yoda books by Tom Angleberger. (I have the Origami Yoda book on hold as an audiobook at the public library, so will fulfill this goal soon!)

My first four posts:

Rereading Rules!
Reread 1 novel (MG or YA) and 3 picture books or chapter books.
Write at least 1 blog post or 1 comment that shares your rereading experience.
Any book that you have read before – whether it was 20 years ago or 20 minutes ago counts as a reread!

Rereading Rockstar!
Reread 2 novels (MG or YA) and 5 picture books or chapter books.
Write at least 2 blog posts or 4 comments that share your rereading experience.
Any book that you have read before – whether it was 20 years ago or 20 minutes ago counts as a reread!

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