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Styling Librarian: Graphic Novels through #titletalk inspiration

Title Talk: Graphic Novels:

I adore #titletalk when I can make the time for it (1 hour once a month on a Sunday, hard to have an excuse to do otherwise!) My favorite book topic was this month’s focus: Graphic Novels! I’m thrilled by what I was able to absorb with a fast hour:

*Picture caption- Thank you Mr. Schu for the contest w/Squish #3, I know it will fly off the shelves on Tuesday when I bring it into the library. I was very excited to find it in the mail yesterday and am very grateful for all your inspiration…

My favorite quotes from the hour:

@DriveForSix said “GN (Graphic Novels) are kryptonite to reading ruts and reading reluctance. Real magic, real literacy.”

@spartanlynne said “Authors on IRA graphic novel panel session were awesome! They explained: As much power in reading the pictures as there is in reading the words.”

@KateMessner said “We need to fight the misconception that graphic novels aren’t “real” books. They are real. Often brilliant.”

@colbysharp said “Students like to use Graphic Novels as bridges between books in a series…”

@kyleredford said “When teachers recommend Graphic Novels to strong readers it can help to offset their potention association with weak readers.”

Articles that would be useful for idea generation and also understanding the use of Graphic Novels in the classroom, school library, etc:

Using Graphic Novels with Chidren and Teens- fabulous article!!

Great Graphic Novels for Kids:

Justification – beautiful for reading Graphic Novels:

Graphic Novels for Teens:

Video on Graphic Novel Creation:

Blog Pages wonderful for promoting Graphic Novels:

Owly Webpage: Some graphic novels and printables available here:

Kids Creating Their Own Comics:

Babymouse Book Giveaway:

Cool idea- fund a reprint:

Specific post on specific GN: Around the World by Matt Phelan:

Proof of Graphic Novel Popularity: from one of my favorite bloggers/twitter/sharing librarians:

My Styling Librarian Graphic Novel posts: (more to come soon!)

Graphic Novels Recommended:

Graphic Novel Adoration:

My Graphic Novel Goodreads Bookshelf:

Great teaching ideas:

Use Comic Frames as an option to do personal reading project or so that kids can make their own graphic stories from ComicLife:

Book Reference Recommendation for Graphic Novels for parent/librarian resource:

My new books “aha’s”- more to come soon:

Sports Illustrated Graphic Novels for Kids:

Another time: shall post some GN book treasures again, I just enjoyed putting loads of graphic novels on hold, thanks to @colbysharpand @donalynbooks

for this wonderfully hosted talk. One of the highlights of my professional  month!

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