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Styling Librarian: Moving: Old Library to New Library

Leaving a work home after 12 years is quite the experience. I love my community, colleagues, students, and environment. I just don’t love the budgetary situation. I am excited to experience life abroad as a Library Teacher with my family at a new school with the same school program that I embrace fullheartedly: International Baccalaureatte- IB/Primary Years Programme-PYP. I know a few years ago I would never have considered uprooting myself from the communities I’m in, but after traveling to other locations for PYP Conferences, I found myself fascinated talking with teachers who kept their passions and their career going while additionally pursuing life in other countries. After talking with others, I thought it was a feasible idea even though I was not excited about the idea of moving. We have been at the same house for seven years and have accumulated various… things. So, what made me more confident about moving was concretely seeing where I’d be moving. Numerous people have asked me: “Have you been to Hong Kong before?… Have you been there to find a home yet?” No, I haven’t had the opportunity yet to visit there, pretty expensive and lengthy to travel there so we’ll be renting space in a house and finding an apartment home once we’re there at the end of July. I answered other frequently asked questions on the blog prior…

Now on to the calming part for me- seeing my future library home. What a beautiful setting for students to fall in love with books and have fun learning, researching, and becoming innovative with technology! I love the color scheme and also lighting… I like the magazines display and all the curves in the library! Here is Bradbury School’s Library Pictures (Thanks to my future Principal and also the Library Teacher for sending me photos, makes everything feel much more real.)

And I have to say goodbye to my wonderful home of 12 years, Ridgewood Library! Just choosing to focus on the setting and not the people because that is way too hard at the moment… Here is my present library home, June 2012. I just loved working here every day, welcoming environment for me and all my students, colleagues, and community members.

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